How to setup Endian firewall and

This is how to setup Endian firewall and dynamic DNS at This should also work in IPCop but I have not tested.

=== In ===

* go to Dynamic DNS and click on Direct URL, you will get a URL like this:
* copy the part after the ? mark, e.g. “UlFMaEtpexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxVHE6MzkxNDQ1NA==”. This is your secret key.

=== In Endian Firewall ===

* go to Service > Dynamic DNS.
* Choose as the service
* fill in your secret key (copied above) to the Username field
* leave the password field blank
* the hostname and domain name fields are optional
* click Add and Force Update
* go to Logs > System Logs
* you should see “Dynamic DNS : success”

That’s It!